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The Benefits of Professional Driving Lessons

You might be wondering: “why should I get professional driving lessons? Isn’t it fine to just learn from Mum or Dad or a friend?” That’s a good question. Someone you know may be able to teach you some of what you need to know behind the wheel, but it’s rare that a member of your family or friends will have all the skills and expertise to cover it all.

Advantages of Great Western Driving School

From the very beginning of your lessons, we know exactly what skills to teach and in what manner. Friends and family may miss important aspects of driving, and they may inadvertently teach you bad habits. Before you even get in a car with us, we will teach you the right way to go about things. We will show you safety checks before you get in, and once in the car, we’ll make sure you know what to do before starting the engine. This includes adjusting seat height and angle, adjusting mirrors, adjusting the steering wheel if necessary, and making sure you know where all the controls are. You will be familiar with the pedals, the gearstick, the indicators and light switches, and the gauges (like speed, fuel, and revolutions per minute).

How We Teach

We never push our students when they’re learning, because we’ve found that that only makes them freeze up and become less able to learn. When a student first takes the wheel, we make sure it’s in an area where there’s less likely to be traffic. Once the student starts gaining more confidence, we will take them into a quiet neighbourhood to let them get accustomed to stopping at intersections and passing other cars. It helps if it’s in back streets because they can travel at lower speeds and not irritate other drivers.

These are just a few of the methods we use at Great Western Driving School, but the main thing is our instructors are calm, professional, and know how to make the learning experience fun.

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