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Who is Brisbane’s Best Driving School?

There are a lot of driving schools in Brisbane, and it can be hard to choose which one. Here at Great Western Driving School, we are confident we are the best.

Why is GWDS the Best?

Great Western has the edge over the competition in a lot of ways. Some of the other schools around haven’t got the best reviews, customers complaining about poor customer service or feeling pressured behind the wheel.

If you check out our Google reviews, you will see that our customers are very happy with our teaching style because it is so relaxed yet informative.

We make it easier to learn because there it less pressure. Our instructors are very good at giving professional lessons but making it seem casual. We realise how important being relaxed behind the wheel is – and it’s not just more conducive to learning, it is safer as well!

Competitive Pricing

At GWDS, we offer some of the best pricing around. Our flat rates are good to begin with, but if you choose one of a range of package deals we offer, the value gets even better! There’s no reason for cost to be an obstacle when you choose us.

Great Cars

We use the awesome Suzuki swift (manual) and the Suzuki Liana (automatic) for our lessons. These are perfect for the job because they are small and manoeuvrable, and gutsy but not dangerously powerful so our learners feel safe and confident on the road.

They are also late model cars so our students get to learn to drive in a modern style. They have plenty of visibility, enhancing the safety aspect even more.

So if you’ve never booked us before, don’t hesitate – give us a call today to book in your first lesson and you’ll have taken the first step to getting on the road.

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