time lapse highway at dusk

How to be a Good Driver

Let’s get one thing straight from the start – good driving is safe driving. We can’t stress that enough.

Safe Driving

A lot of people pride themselves on how skilled they are at driving, and a lot of these people are in fact dangerous drivers. It doesn’t mean anything if you know how to race around corners or have a powerful car that can get ahead of the traffic when the lights turn green. Don’t be one of those overconfident drivers that speed all the time. The world needs more conscientious drivers who take into consideration the unexpected.

Save Lives

When you get behind the wheel, you need to remember that your and other people’s safety is at stake every time. You need to be aware of this but remain calm, confident, and focussed. If you follow the road rules, you will be fine.

Basic things need to be observed, like looking right, then left, then right again when pulling out of an intersection – just like when you’re crossing the road.

Another thing you need to watch out for is motorcyclists – they can often be hard to see, and are frequently speeding or weaving through traffic. You can save lives by being vigilant.

Good Habits

An area of concern is parking lots – a lot of people drive too fast in parking lots, not taking into account the fact that kids could run out in front of you at any minute – not to mention other cars coming around a blind corner. Car parks are perilous places, and you need to have your wits about you to stay safe. You’d be surprised at how many experienced drivers have had car park incidents.

A habit that will certainly fare you well is shoulder checks. It’s amazing how many people don’t actually shoulder check when they’re changing lanes. This will keep you out of accidents on the highway.

If you listen to your driving instructor, follow the road rules, and most importantly, pay attention when you’re behind the wheel, you should be fine. Here at Great Western Driving School, we wish you safe and fun journeys.