Driving School

What is it?

Driving school, driving lessons, driving tuition, or driver’s education is a formal class or program, which readies a new driver to receive a driver’s licence or learner’s permit. It may also prepare holders of an existing overseas licence for a licence conversion. It can also be used for a refresher course of a medical assessment driving test. Driving lessons can take place online, in a vehicle, in a classroom, or a combination of these. They include topics like traffic code or laws, and vehicle operation. Driving instruction usually warns of dangerous driving conditions such as the state of the road, driver impairments, and hazardous weather. Lessons might include instructional videos that demonstrate proper driving strategies and consequences for not following the rules.

Driving schools are meant to pair with learner’s knowledge of the official road rules usually found in a printed handbook or online.

When the lessons are in a vehicle, the student is accompanied by an instructor, and the car may have dual controls (such as pedals on the passenger side) in case of emergency.


The first commercial driving school was in the United Kingdom in 1909 – 1910. The British School of Motoring (BSM) was started in 1910 in South London. Its founder was Hugh Stanley Roberts. Hands-on training and courses in driving skills (managing the controls and road aptitude) were on offer. It also taught repair, and offered hire cars for students to practice in.

In America, a professor from Penn State University named Amos Neyhart started the first high school driver’s education course. It was in 1934 at State College, Pennsylvania.

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