It is common for learners to fail their driving test. On the statics, half of the drivers fail on their practical test. There are many reasons you can make mistakes on the test but if you do know what is very common mistakes that you will face with you can be prepared.  So here are some common mistakes of practical driving test. No one wants to fail so let’s read together!

Remain calm. We know how much you want to get Ps plate and how much you want to pass this test. Pressure is on but if you can relax you will be able to deal with situation a lot better. If you stay calm you will be able to see more traffic signs and easy with speed and you can perform just how you wanted to. So do not worry about it. The worst scenario? We will do another test next time.It is not the end of the world.

Correct set up. As you sit on the driver seat, take your time to adjust your mirror, back mirrors and your seat and everything. You need to feel comfortable first. You will look at those mirrors like hundred times later so be sure to check if they are well-adjusted. Make sure you use mirrors often. Not checking mirrors, the examiner will notice. You need to be checking mirrors while pulling out, indicating, using roundabouts, moving away, changing lanes and so on.

Don’t forget the safety. We are driving a car to get to point B from A safest as possible not fastest. So fasten your seat belt and keep everyone safe. Even at the junction do not pull out too fast or force another driver to brake or do not bother pedestrian. Always pay attention to everyone’s safety everyone in the car and on the road. Then you are safe. Be aware of having right distance between other cars too.

Not too slow not too fast. Some drivers drive too slow that can cause a reason to be failed. There is a time you will need accelerate your speed little more than usual like uphill road. This shows that how advanced your driving skills are and how you react on different road situation. Be sure having a cautious observation before you accelerate though. As all we know, driving too fast, even a few kilometres over the speed limit, could be disastrous for your test.

Middle positioning on the road. Some drivers tend to stay too close to the right side of the road. This will risk you from hitting the curb or other drivers. To avoid this case, look at the middle of number plate of the car in front of you that way you will be able to stay right in the middle of the road. This might sound just another little meaningless tip for you but in a dangerous situation this could save your life.

Roundabout. Many driver failed their test because they used a roundabout incorrectly and driving in the wrong lane without signals.

Stay calm and good luck to your test! If you are making those mistakes often and can’t find the way to learn how to drive why not talk to us? Our first driving lesson is only $50 we have affordable driving lessons across Brisbane and we will share more tips with you. Great Western Driving School helped a lot of driver to achieve their dream closer years and years. If you are not sure, go on our google review page and see what they think about Great Western Driving School and experience with us.