There are 4 days in a row that we can plan our holidays. Many Aussie families pack the family into the car and hitting the road to visit families or holiday destination. During this period, most of the roads will be very busy and jammed. That rise in activity unfortunately increases the potential risks of road accidents.

Without doubt there are many car accidents occur during this time.

we can reduce your crash risk by half if we prepare. We have some tips for you to have a delightful Easter holiday 2017.

You can imagine, the Easter Holidays period is one of the busiest times of the year on our roads.

If you are planning to drive this Easter, be sure to pack extra stuffs and check your car engine before you leave.

Remember to stay cool, be patient on the road. A few minutes waiting to safely overtake is not long and can be the difference between arriving at your holiday destination or the hospital.

Check Tyre :

Without right pressured tyre, you are not going any where. For example Mazda CX5 tyres’s recommend air pressure is 39 or 40. So check your car before setting off, paying close attention to tyre pressure.  Tyre pressures can help you to stick to the sharp curves or corners to save your life and your family. If you’re carrying heavier loads  than normal, it’s a good idea to pump your tyres to a higher pressure.

Keep your eyes on the road:
Do not text or use smartphone while driving. Using cellphone is just dangerous as drunken driving. Anything can go wrong while driver’s eyes are off the road.

Fight fatigue:

Fatigue is extremely dangerous on the road. If you are feeling tired your body will react slower than usual and slow down to make a quick decision.

Be patient:
Overtaking a caravan, truck  is risking your life. Many drivers tend to get impatient with a slow vehicle in front of them.The driver must stay within the speed limit. We are on the road to enjoy Easter Holidays not speeding. Always keeping a safe following distance. Also do not switch lanes too often.

By following the above tips, drivers can ensure that they can arrive safely at their destination and have a wonderful Easter Holidays with family and friends.

If you haven’t finished with your driving lessons, we can schedule you before Easter holidays or during Easter holidays. It is a good time to practice your driving school at Great Western Driving School this Easter Holidays. We have affordable driving lessons available for you.